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Jan 17, 2005
i'm hoping someone can help me and appreciate any ideas. i'm trying to plan out what courses to take this summer. would it be better to take 2 bio courses at a community college in the evenings or 1-2 courses at a state school. i'm thinking of taking anat and phys 2 and basics of cell biology at the communty college. (please note the cell biology is not a high level; the course description indicates "Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate preparedness for college-level biology courses." - is it not even worth it to take this course - i have a BS degree in biological technology).

the problem with taking the courses at a state school is that the courses are offered only during the day and i would have to try to work out an arrangement of working part-time or taking a leave of absence from my job and waitress part-time to cover living expenses. the summer courses at the state school are roughly one month in length, so it is not very long. the class meets for 1.5 hours every day plus a lab one day a week. however, i don't know that i am able to work out an arrangment and may have to look for a new job after the course is completed (which may not be very difficult as I have experience in my field and the job market in my area is pretty good now - i've received two job offers since jan that i have turned down). i'll be taking a financial hit if i do this though. my company would probably pay for the comm college, but if i leave them or go part-time, i may not receive the tuition reimbursment for state school tuition (which is also obviously higher than comm college).

also, taking classes at the community college would probably boost my gpa more. i've taken two science courses at community college (physics in college and anat and phys last semester). i've received As both time. I think I received 1 A in a science course while attending undergrad full-time. however, the state school i would be taking a course in now is less competitive than the college i graduated from.

any ideas or suggestions??


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May 16, 2003
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Don't sweat taking courses at the CC, especially since you are working. I too was worried about taking all my pre-reqs from my CC and it worked out perfectly afterall.