Jan 28, 2012
Hey everyone,

Let me start off congratulating everyone who was accepted this year into dental school! I was also just accepted into NYU Dental School and have a few questions regarding the lab portion of the prerequisites.

I am a non-traditional applicant and the first time I took general chemistry the lab was combined with the course for a total of 5 credits. I received a C for gen chem 1 and and C+ for gen chem 2. Later when I retook these courses I did not take the lab portion of the classes since I already had a C or higher for the general chemistry courses. Since I have already been accepted, I do not need to worry about taking the gen chem labs again right?

Also, when I was taking organic chem 1 I received a C- in the 5 credit combined course and lab course and decided not to take the lab again when I was retaking the course. I feel like this was a mistake and might need to take just the 1 credit lab portion over the summer before school begins in August. But if I don't, I don't want to spend the extra money retaking it. Btw the organic chem 1 lab was listed in my planned courses to take over the 2013 fall semester but due to lack of time could not take it. Can someone please help me out with these questions?

Sorry if this confusing, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


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May 5, 2012
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Ask the school! Seriously, just call. They will tell you. :)


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Jul 19, 2013
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Any course that you listed as planned coursework I would think you should complete, because they're expecting you to do better than you already have. Otherwise, I would communicate this with the school, they're the ultimate authority.