Scoring in mid 20's while using examkrackers

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Jun 23, 2004
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So far I have been reading people scoring in the 30's while using examkrackers. I am just wondering if anyone scored from low to mid 20's while using the examkrackers. The only reason I am asking this is because I am planning to use examkrackers and all I have heard is about scoring in the 30's so I am wondering if examkrackers didn't work for someone.

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Your score on the actual MCAT is determined by your own abilities and preparation.

Many people who post on the forum have done well on the actual test. Posters are a self-selected group. If people didnt do well, they may be less likely to post on a public forum.

There is no way to say that using EK will guarantee a 30+. Nor can that be said about Kaplan or TPR. The AAMC tests are the best of all materials.

Just know that many people who use EK, myself included, have found the materials to be very helpful.

Choose the methods and materials that work best for hard... and good luck.