SD2ed MCAT Study Package + EK Complete Study Package

Everything you need to conquer the DAT exam
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Oct 12, 2010
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I am selling all of these books in great condition. They are listed below but I want to sell them together as a package :):

The Berkeley Review - 2012
-General Chemistry Part I + II
-Organic Chemistry Part I + II
-Physics Part I + II
-Biology Part I + II

EK MCAT Complete Study Package - 2012
-Organic Chemistry
-Verbal Reasoning

EK Verbal 101 - 2008
EK MCAT Biology (this is a little worn)

TPR Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook (2010)

Additionally I have a series of condensed review packets and BR small practice sections. These are great for the review period.

I actually could not find my EK 1001 Questions but its not that important IMHO because they weren't that helpful. Overall its better to practice MCAT type questions than a series of simple questions.

$400 or best offer for the whole package. This is actually so much material you may need more than 3 months. It was also VERY helpful having both packages in case BR was too complicated. Best of luck! Please PM me with your offers.

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