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SDN Vision, Values, and Policies


MSTP Director
10+ Year Member
Oct 11, 2007
TEXAS (Eden)
  1. Attending Physician
I just want to applaud the leadership at SDN for updating their statement on their vision and values. This particular corner, the Physician Scientist forum has a lot of passionate people with a diversity of ideas and opinions, but we respect them despite having disagreements. For the most part, our group and community has been upholding those values and vision for over a decade as stated in the revised statement. Over the years, I have personally met hundredths of people who have posted in our corner. We are a small community and we need to keep supporting each other. Translating science into medicine is hard enough....
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Will Walk Rope for Sandwich
Staff member
Volunteer Staff
7+ Year Member
Oct 22, 2013
City of the Future
  1. MD/PhD Student
SDN has come a long way from when I first started using this site. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly more inclusive and less tiring to browse as a minority student than 5 years ago, speaking for myself.

that said, this board has been fairly supportive and positive throughout my time here.
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