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Nov 20, 2002
    Hey guys i had a question for you all....i am going to take orgo two this summer....however i noticed that the lab for orgo two is a seperate question was that did the majority of you guys take orgo two lab also or is the lab for orgo one sufficient for the pre reqs..thanks in advance



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    Oct 5, 2003
    myrtle Beach, SC
    1. Dentist
      Just take it; it is fun! Really it is the second lab that does a lot of the more interesting multiple step reactions and separations. At my school, we had to I.D. an unknown molecule by using different tests. That was a killer lab.
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      Jan 11, 2004
        I've always gotten the impression, from discussions with registrar's offices and stuff, that actually it is the lab part that is most important to some schools. I'd say definitely take it.

        I figure the rationale for emphasis on labs is that you can learn facts until they pop out your ears, but it's harder to make up for lost experience with doing physical tasks (especially if you don't have the equipment in your garage, but you do have books, so you can catch up on study more easily).

        Take lab! Fun! :clap: (but sometimes hard) :scared:


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        Feb 20, 2004
          I'll just jump in to reiterate Fantasia's comment you should check with the dental schools where you plan to apply. My gut feel is that one of those schools will require you take a 2nd semester of OChem with Lab. And if that's the case, then it's definitely worth it to take the lab.
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