Second Look?

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Apr 6, 2002
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What do you guys think about a second look? Does anyone do this? If so, do you suit-and-tie it, or do you think it's more casual?

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i just went for a pseudo-second look today at one of my programs. i interviewed yesterday and was snowed in, so decided to spend this morning with the program.

it was definitely more casual (i wore what I would wear as a student to the hospital, sans white coat). nobody really knew that i was there except the secretaries/administration, so it was more for me to scope out the place. i'm pretty sure it won't play any role in their evaluation of me. maybe at other places you get to talk to the directors, but here nobody was around.

i did get to follow some residents on work rounds and morning report, which was helpful to see what a typical day was like. people still seemed friendly even though i wasn't in the suit.