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Second Opinion Website



    I was e-mailed about this my co-worker.


    It seems like a good concept - you send over patient information to an "expert", they review the information, and write a written report as a second opinion. In rad onc, the field is so small, so its usually no big deal to just e-mail a big name for advice, but still I think this could be somewhat helpful to those of us in the community whose patients may not have the means to go to Houston or NYC for an second opinion...

    Have attached a sample report.

    Conflict of Interest Disclosure: I have no financial ties to this company, and have never actually tried it myself.


    • Sample_Cancer_Consult.pdf
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    And to think . . . I hesitated
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    1. Attending Physician
      Looking through the "expert" profiles, it seems that many are community physicians who trained at top programs, rather than academic sub-specialists.

      I agree the concept is good but I doubt patients using this site are getting their money's worth. It looks like the experts are simply regurgitating NCCN guidelines.

      At my own institution, attendings have started to reduce their # of 2nd opinions because those patients almost never get treated here. Many attendings feel that seeing a large number of these patients is a waste of time/money.


        So yeah, a lot of the report is laymen, but if you get down to bottom - the actual recommendations, it's pretty good stuff. I don't know - it's easy enough for me to just call my own alma mater or send em up the road to JHH but I wouldn't mind a written report. At $775 a pop, though, seems like a bit much.


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        Dec 26, 2006
        1. Attending Physician
          It's sort of a good idea, but also a bit weird in implementation. The price point is a bit high for what you're actually receiving.

          Also, it's a real hindrance that you have to have a referral from your doctor before you can get a 2nd opinion:
          [From the FAQ]
          "Why do I need to receive my physician's referral to get a second opinion consult?
          In order to comply with state laws, a primary or specialty physician is required to provide a referral for a second opinion consult. A referring physician request form is available for download during the sign up process."
          Also, it's unfortunate that follow-up includes only one clarification communication via e-mail.
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