Secondary "Challenge" Essay

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Jun 26, 2023
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Basically I'm trying to write the "Challenge" essay and need help choosing, but here's a specific prompt as an example.

Prompt: Conflicts arise daily from differences in perspectives, priorities, worldviews and traditions. How do you define respect? Describe a situation in which you found it challenging to remain respectful while facing differences? OR Describe a situation in which working with a colleague, family member or friend has been challenging. How did you resolve, if at all, the situation as a team and what did you gain from the experience that will benefit you as a future health care provider? (2500 characters)

Option 1:
Close family member's drug abuse and balancing wanting to be solution-oriented and get them "help" versus not wanting to alienate them and push them further away. Explaining how I navigated this situation and how it has led to my motivation to help those with mental health problems + highlighted need for support/education for family members of those struggling. I feel this one is really meaningful but might be too mental health-y for admissions, also there was no real resolution besides me learning that not everything can be addressed immediately with action.

Option 2: Working in a corporate setting for an extremely demeaning manager who would determine if I was promoted. Navigated this by communicating objectively about the project and how to solve problems, trying to improve team morale, but ultimately just had to "push through" to the end of the project. Boring story and not sure if there is a good takeaway

Option 3: Helped with a hospital merger but experienced pushback from the department head of the other hospital (because she did not understand that research records and clinical records are different, among other things). Navigated this by setting up meeting with physicians on both sides and proposing and carrying out a plan (manually moved a bunch of patient records onto a different platform). Reminded the team that patient care came first. Don't want it to come off as me knowing better than a physician. Also the resolution is kind of boring, just me taking months to enter patient data.

Thank you for any insight!

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