Seeking Advice from OSU COM students and soon-to-be OSU COM students

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Mar 6, 2004
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Seeking Advice from OSU COM students and soon-to-be OSU COM students...

Hi! I interviewed at OSU COM on 2/20/04. I received notice yesterday that I have been waitlisted. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, attended Oklahoma State University, but have lived out of state for the last 4 years. I currently live in Idaho. Since there are no medical schools in Idaho, I will be moving to attend any school. My lease expires in June, and I am ready to move on. I want nothing more than to attend OSU COM in August. I have another offer on the table that I must respond to by 3/19. And not only respond, but I must submit $1K on 3/19 and then another $1K on 4/15. I read a post from DrMom that stated it is pretty normal for over half of the waitlist to be accepted. OSU COM is my #1 choice, but I do not want to waste an oportunity to attend osteopathic school. Here are my questions for you:

- Any advice on how to let OSU know they are my #1 choice? Do you think this would even help?

- When does the selection committee meet each month? Beginning, middle, end?

- I read in previous posts that there is a lot of movement in the waitlist. When does this movement usually occur? Early or late summer? I am concerned that since I would be moving from so far away that I would not have the flexibility that other students do.

- Should I accept the other offer, but remain on the OSU waitlist even though it may mean eating the $2K if I were to receive an offer from OSU?

- Any OSU COM staff I should make contact with regarding my questions other than Leah Haines?

Thanks in advance to those who reply to my post. Advice from successful OSU COM student is invaluable, and it is just plain nice to have someone to talk this through.


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Apr 24, 2002
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Hard spot you're in.

I would go ahead & let the school know that OSU is your first choice & even tell them the position you're in with the other school's deposit deadline. I would do this by phone and in writing. It may help you, and it certainly won't hurt, but I don't know if it'll change anything in the time frame you have. Right now, Leah is the person to talk to.

Usually the committee meets at the end of the month, I believe (when they're done interviewing for the month). The waitlist movement occurs constantly. They have already accepted a number of people off of the waitlist. It will continue to move until orientation week (last year someone was accepted off of the waitlist the Friday before orientation began). Most of the movement is between now and June as people start having to pare down to just one slot, rather than holding acceptances at multiple places.

As far as what to do about the other deposit, that's a hard one. Do you want to spend $1000-2000 to ensure that you have a slot somewhere even if you may end up at OSU, or do you want to take your chances (without the financial outlay) with OSU only? That's something that only you can answer.

Do go ahead & call/write the school, though. Good luck!!!!

You're welcome to PM or email me anytime.


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Apr 21, 2003
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No harm in letting them know. I would not turn down a spot in another school. I would call OSU, if they are your first choice, and talk to Leah (I would say Bonnie, but she is on extended maternity leave) and even ask to speak to the Leigh Goodson, just to stress your interest. I wouldnt expect them to accept you over the phone, but I wouldnt see why they wouldnt tell you where you rank on the wait list.

As it stands, unless you get accepted from OSU in the next week, expect to have to send inyour deposit to your other school, and then make your decision based on what happens after that. I hate that it has to be this way for you, but these things can be fickle sometimes.

I think the committee meets after each group interviews (i.e. weekly) but since we havent had a group through since yours, who knows.

Good luck to you-remember it cant hurt to communicate this to the college directly. A decent administrator would tell you where you stand, just so as not to take another opportunity away from you if you dont have much chance at acceptance.


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Sep 30, 2003
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Pay the money for the other school. It could mean a wasted year of no medical school. I paid for AZCOM's deposit before I found out that I got into OSUCOM. The money is worth the risk---you'll earn it back later. It is part of the application process.

Hopefully I'll see you in the fall, but if not, good luck whereever you end up!


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Jan 13, 2004
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I agree with OSU08, pay the money, if you have already been accepted, don't mess with that. However, with that said, I would call and talk to Leah Haines. Let them know what your intention are and that you OSU is your choice of schools. Be persistant! I am convinced that is one of the main reasons they let me in, because I talked to everyone I could up there. You might try talking to Dr. Goodson if you can, she can tell you when the committee meets and the decisions are made.

Good luck and God Bless