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Nov 28, 2008
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  1. Pre-Dental
alright, so i am really serious about this whole DAT thing. my exam is in 5 weeks jan 16th. and my gpa is a 3.1. so im really riding on my score to get me in dental school. please give me advice as to what i should or shouldnt do. my goal is to score 22+. i know thats a high goal but man ive been studying like i should.

bio: ive read the whole campbells book, i find it too detailed. and now i cant remember everything. read cliffs, did destroyer, kaplan stuff, im starting to think that its not soo much about the details but more of the general ideas and how well you know them? am i on the right track...
chem: i did this whole workbook from my college course covering every chapter,did kaplan stuff,did destroyer.im doing pretty decent but i keep missing questions with weird words like specific gravity...
orgo:read my whole textbook. i know alot about organic, but i find myself not understand unusual stuff like whether something is a reducing sugar?(destroyer question) i mean isn't that a lil too detailed.

overall for sciences ive really studied my tail off, i need advice as to what to do now...what makes the difference in making a 20 and the person that scores 22+...cause lord knows ive studied everything ive gotten my hands on.

now to my weakness...
pat:im working on Crack Dat Pat
math: i only did kaplan online stuff
reading comp: ive only done kaplan online stuff...
please help!!! reading comp is my kryptonite


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Jul 28, 2007
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First of all, do not take any other section of the DAT lightly. I hardly studied for QR and, consequently, did the worst in that section. Practice a little each day, and don't over-work yourself or else you won't retain much information.

For reading, do a few practice tests but vary the way you jot down information about the passage. Try writing down the keywords for paragraphs, or summarizing each in a sentence, or even making a detailed outline -- just find out what suits your way of comprehending and recalling the information. For PAT, all you really need is Crack DAT PAT along with a few reference books that teach you the tricks, like Barron's and Kaplan. Get whatever math prep book you can get your hands on for QR, including SATI/II math books as well as GRE prep books. Make sure you know how to solve problems QUICKLY. That is all I can think of... good luck!
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