Selling the entire set of EK, Next Step, Princeton Review with FREE stuffs!


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Dec 18, 2014
1) The entire Princeton Review Set:
-2nd edition
-includes: MCAT Science Workbook, MCAT In-Class Compendium, CARS, General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics and Math, CARS Workbook, Psychology and Sociology, Organic Chemistry, and Biology
good with highlights (except for the Science Workbook: brand new)
-price: $60 (shipping fee excluded)

2) The entire NextStep Set:

-The newest edition (you can have only have access to the books if you buy the course)
-Includes: Biology, Psych/Soc, Chemistry, Biochem, Physics, Reasoning: CARS & Science (the MOST HELPFUL book), Verbal Practice (super helpful), Science QBook (THE MOST HELPFUL Practice book), and MCAT Coursebook
brand new
-price: $200 (shipping fee excluded)
** If you buy this set: I'll give you the AAMC Flashcards & the AAMC The official guide to the MCAT exam: 4th edition for FREE!

3) The entire EK Set:
-9th edition
-includes: Biology 1: Molecules, Biology 2: Systems, Psych & Soc, Chemistry, Verbal Reasoning: Verbal, Research, and Math, Physics
good with highlights
-price: $50 (shipping fee excluded)
** If you buy this set, I'll give you the 101 CARS passage book for FREE!

4) Next Step STRATEGY and PRACTICE books:
some highlights, but no marks
-Psychology and Sociology: brand new (price: $15 & shipping fee excluded)
-Biology and Biochemistry Content review:
brand new (price: $15 & shipping fee excluded)
** If you buy this set, I'll give you the CARS book for FREE!

THESE SETS (in the pictures): SOLD OUT
-The entire Kaplan Set + Flashcards + Quicksheet : SOLD OUT!
-The Berkely Review Set: SOLD OUT!
-MCAT EK: 1001 questions (Organic chemistry, Chemistry, and Physics): SOLD OUT!


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