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Nov 10, 2005
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I was just wondering, can we send in our transcripts before we submit our amcas application or do we have to submit our application in first so that they have a "file" to place the transcript with?

another question, do the majority of medical schools these days do all of their correspondance through email? such as notification of rejections, interview invites, acceptances, etc? i ask because I was wondering if it's possible to go overseas during the app cycle and obviously, if everything is done through snail mail - i'd have to be at home to receive them.


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Jul 21, 2005
You can (and should!) send in your transcripts asap. They don't need a file for you, since you already have an AMCAS ID even before you submit your app. The processing takes forever, so send your transcripts now.

As for being overseas, it may be hard to do logistically speaking, because you'll have to be here for interviews. Traveling back and forth that much may not be practical. Even though most schools use e-mail, you're better off being as available as possible during the application cycle.
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