Apr 23, 2009
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Hi, I'd like to ask something about sending the GRE score to the PASS.

I will probably not have enough time to delay my submittal of the score report, since I'm taking it just before the application deadline.

What would be the quickest way to send the score ?

Will I be able to find in the computer the address of "PASS" on the list of score reporting sites that I can choose on the testing date ?

Or would I need to first recieve my initial score report, and then order a new score report that would be sent to PASS program ?

This is my first time to take a test like GRE, and so is it to apply for the Post-graduate program, as well. :p

So I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could give some advice about this.....

Thank you...


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Sep 12, 2008
Dental Student
Not sure, so double check with PASS, but i dont think they accept GRE scores....?? Most schools want an official copy anyway.....