sGPA:3.65 cGPA 3.65 MCAT 1st:31 / 2nd:33

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Sep 21, 2011
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Ivy league, GPAs and MCAT scores listed in the title.

For my second MCAT, PS stayed the same, BS and VR both improved by 1 point. I took the second MCAT 2 years after my 1st MCAT.

I'm taking gap year right now, with 1~2 publications accepted/ pending (not first/second author).

The biggest thing I'm worried about is that my MCAT score improved only by 2 points from 31 to 33...

I'm not sure if this would affect me in a negative way, since I hear people saying you would have to improve by at least 3 points to be considered "significant" or "meaningful" improvement. Since I only improved by 2 points, I'm not sure if ADCOM would think that eventhough I took the MCATs twice, my scores didn't improve...

What do you guys think?

Also, I really want to get into mid-tier schools... What do you guys think about this also?

Would appreciate some thoughts!

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33 MCAT is a good score. The "at least 3 points" thing doesn't really matter in your case since you took them so far apart, and some Adcoms consider older MCAT scores less heavily. With 3.65 GPA and 33MCAT, and significant pubs, you have a great chance of getting into a mid-tier school if all of your other volunteering/ECs/shadowing/LORs look good.