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SGU Financial Aid


New Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 3, 2000
Hollywood, FL USA
    I have recently been accepted to SGU School of Medicine for Fall 2000. I am now having a hard time getting the finances to pay for it. I am getting the $18,500 from the federal Stafford Loans. The rest of the cost has to be borrowed from a private lender. This company has denied my loan due to some past bad credit problems. Now I have to find a co-signer. However, this co-signer cannot have a debt-to-income ratio of more than %40. Even if I find a co-signer that meets this criteria, what about the following years when the same co-signer probably won't qualify due to the previous year's loan. Are there any other options or companies that I can use? Also, why can I not get the $38,000 from the Federal government that medical students in the US get? Please help! Thank you
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