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Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by mbflg8r, Jul 3, 2000.

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    Jul 2, 2000
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    I have recently been accepted to SGU School of Medicine for Fall 2000. I am now having a hard time getting the finances to pay for it. I am getting the $18,500 from the federal Stafford Loans. The rest of the cost has to be borrowed from a private lender. This company has denied my loan due to some past bad credit problems. Now I have to find a co-signer. However, this co-signer cannot have a debt-to-income ratio of more than %40. Even if I find a co-signer that meets this criteria, what about the following years when the same co-signer probably won't qualify due to the previous year's loan. Are there any other options or companies that I can use? Also, why can I not get the $38,000 from the Federal government that medical students in the US get? Please help! Thank you
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    Get your parents to help you for the first year. In the meantime, get some credit cards and other credit and be perfect with them. Maybe next year, then, you will not need a co-signer.

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