SGU Jan 2010 Interviews

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Jul 27, 2009
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I just got an interview for SGU. I have 3.55 uGPA, 3.3 sGPA and a lopsided 29S MCAT. I applied kind of late for the U.S. MD schools and is now finishing my secondaries. I also shot some DO apps last minute and is still waiting on transcripts to come. So overall I feel kind of screwed :laugh:

Either way, I don't want to apply next year for many many reasons.

Anyone else got an interview for Jan 2010?? How did it go? Casual or formal?

Please share your experiences!
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Aug 27, 2008
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Mine was somewhat of a "formal setting" interview. It was an hour long in which i was the 1 doing most of the talking. A 10 min essay is there at the beginning on one of the topics (1. write about somebody who inspired you 2. talk about a defining moment in your adult life, i can't remember the 3rd one). Then the basic questions like why SGU ? why medicine ? why the shift from dentistry (in my case) ? healthcare problems in the US ?
It's a fairly easy interview, provided you know how to manage the answer. I would advice you to read up on the recent health care reforms and what they could mean for PCPs in the future. Other than that nothing outside of whats there on the Feedback page. Maybe do a search on ValueMD (that's got more extensive and elaborate information on the carib med schools).

Your stats look solid though. Above all, they'll be what matter. Unless you somehow manage to completely bomb the interview :laugh:. Gluck!


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Jun 23, 2009
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You'll get in unless you bomb the interview.

The 3rd question the post before me is missing is "Describe 3 qualities that will make you a good doctor"

I didn't even finish the essay and it was no problem.

The interviewer actually read my application for his first time in front of as I wrote the essay.

I had to talk about health care issues (be ready to describe both sides of the argument, you don't really have to take a side).

More like a conversation than a strict formal interview.
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