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Jul 8, 2009
I'm about to submit my primary - but I have a question about my shadowing experience. I've done some but not in a traditional way.

I'm a PhD student in Experimental Surgery. I've worked alongside doctors for the past 5 years and have gone to the OR and clinic with them several times. I have several full clinic days and overnight calls lined up over a broad range of specialties for shadowing experiences to help me in my interviews, but do I put the shadowing experience in my work/activities section? I do mention it briefly in my personal statement.

Do you recommend putting down what I've done and the future plans as well?



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Apr 4, 2007
Shadowing is listed under the "Other" category. Put down what you've done. It won't let you put in a future date. IMO, This is not the place for future plans (only the transcript is). You can inform schools after you've completed the additional activity via update letters. It sounds like what you've already done is adequate enough that it isn't a big issue.
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