Shootout after Pharmacy Robbed in NYC

Discussion in 'Pharmacy' started by Sparda29, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Sparda29

    Sparda29 En Taro Adun Gold Donor 7+ Year Member

    Yeah, people in Harlem are so used to this. One time I was starting my car when I was leaving school. Car backfired, and a bunch of people dropped to the floor thinking a gun went off.

    If you're gonna go for their gun, don't run directly at them, You have to angle your way at them and try to push the gun away from the direction you're running at them at. If they get a shot off, it will likely hit your arm/shoulder and you'll be alright. Also, position your body sideways, it makes your target profile smaller.

    I had a rotation right around there. The post office has a nickname "Hell Gate Station".
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  3. lol not at least i don't think so :confused:
  4. yeah i guess if i showed you a pic of a my dad you'd be able to tell he's not the type of person to run away. he isn't strong or anything, he just has old fashioned values.
  5. pinipig523

    pinipig523 I like my job! 10+ Year Member

    Jan 6, 2004
    Missing Chicago
    I've seen enough of these guys who are shot in the ER. A lot of times, they're a bunch of liars and trouble makers.

    The story is always - "I was just minding my own business."

    But then the cops come and say that the guy was selling cocaine to some kid and it was a drug deal gone bad.

    A lot of times, these guys are just plain bad - but are the first to cry foul when something bad happens to them. A lot of these criminals require "VIP" care at the hospital because they are always the ones to be the first to sue the physicians for any malpractice.

    I have very little sympathy for these guys.

    Not sure how I feel about not doing appropriate resuscitation when the guy's down - but none of us were there and it's very difficult to judge the situation from the sideline. You don't even know if the guy is just faking it and has a knife or something. The last thing on your mind after an altercation is saving the guy who just tried to kill you. All I know is that I don't like these people.
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  6. khydroxide

    khydroxide 5+ Year Member

    Mar 18, 2010
    just applied for a position at an independent in east harlem. i was convincing myself that it cant be that bad during the day until i saw this video .... i guess i can forget about that lol
  7. PharmDstudent

    PharmDstudent 7+ Year Member

    Jan 8, 2007
    No. No bullet holes to speak of, thankfully.

    But if you're the pharmacist, good luck getting down. Some of these thugs want you to escort them to the CII cabinet. :rolleyes: The only pharmacist that I have ever known to have been robbed at night was pistol-whipped whenever the electronic safe wouldn't open fast enough. :scared:

    I really think I would run into the adjacent stock room and dial 911. The first manager in the video that I posted ran into a locked office or stock room and that was the last that you see of him in the video while the robbery was taking place.

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