Medical Should I add a second major in biochemistry? (in my junior year of music degree)

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I'm an instrument performance major on full music scholarship at a public university thats around 12 - 18 on usnews ranking for public unis. It has a good science program. I was initially planning to complete all the premed required coursework at the same time I complete my music degree, but now I am thinking it might be better to add a second major? I find biochemistry research interesting, and I kind of crave to be at the advanced level it takes to contribute decently to the field (and get publications / research experience for med school admissions process). I didn't realize I COULD go to medical school until just before my junior year of uni. Since my freshman year of high school everyone (highschool academic counselor, teachers, parents, etc.) around me assumed I would study music because i was good at it and produced good results. I kind of had horse blinders on, like it was my only option. When I applied to conservatories / music schools I applied to a bunch of them, and one school for biology because I wanted to see if I could get in (with my mediocre hs grades because the only thing that mattered was practicing, and high ACT). I got in, but went to my state school so I could save money with my full scholarship and study my instrument (also an excellent professor for my instrument). So I continued assuming this was my entire life already set in stone, study music become musician / music professor. But I always have had an interest in science / health / and its research. I listen to a biochemists podcast every time an episode is released and love it. I also love how useful the field is.

Anyways Im just saying all of this to illustrate that I want an excellent education if I am to pursue medicine. I was accepted to music undergrads with "prestigious" reputations but turned down their offers for a better specific professor. so its important to me that if I am going into medicine that I go somewhere with excellent professors. This might come off weirdly, it's just important to me. I find that better professors make for a better education.. I'm sure it makes at least a bit of sense I desire this so much? Also I like two other things about being able to get into a better medical school:

1. More research opportunities
2. Better chance for matching (i'm interested in radiology)

So I guess I'm postulating whether I could give myself a better chance to get into a better medical school if I double major in biochemistry. I could get the research experience from the upper level courses, and in my gap year before medical school I could apply for more research with a biochemistry degree as opposed to a music degree. I want the best chance at excelling in medicine. My fixation with excellence has worked for me in music it is translating to medicine now, I don't want to be misdirected though.

My gpa is projected to be around 3.6 when I graduate. I didn't care about my grades at first, would skip class to practice, would not do homework so I could practice, then cram for exams and get As. So it would be higher if not for that. So I think I could raise my gpa with a second major as well. I'd like it to be above 3.6.. Also I'm female LGBT URM..

I hope none of this comes off as bragging I just wanted to provide as much information because I find my situation to be quite different. Ive tried googling a lotttt and nobody's situation is quite just like mine. What do you think?
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