Medical Should I apply this cycle without shadowing?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I'm a senior hoping to apply to MD schools this upcoming cycle with a cGPA of 3.57 and an MCAT of 524. I procrastinated on shadowing throughout undergrad (stupid mistake, I know); I had shadowing plans lined up throughout this semester so I'd have ~ 20-30 hours before applying, but those have all been cancelled due to Covid. I do have clinical experience - about 200 hours (over 3 years) in a free clinic, and about 100 hours in various hospital settings, and I'll also be scribing full time this year (which I'll be putting on my app as projected hours). I was wondering if there is any way to mitigate my total lack of shadowing on my app, or if it'll be a massive red flag to adcoms. Thanks!
Take your time. Get your shadowing/scribing in. No need to rush to apply unless you feel like wasting a fair amount of money. Better to have documented than hypothetical hours. It's not that it's a red flag but you're competing against applicants with n>0 hours by a decent number.
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