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Should I apply this year? (No shadowing experience)


Full Member
May 12, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi folks. I am a Canadian applicant who plans to apply to medical schools (MD) in the U.S. Due to my weak ECs, I was wondering if it would be worth applying this year. Would appreciate any thoughts!

Year: Just graduated
GPA: 3.88 (sGPA is 3.88 as well)
MCAT: 511 (128/126/129/128)
Research: 800 hours in a bacteriophage lab (Summer Research Studentship, Junior year research project)
510 hours in a Skeletal Muscle Health lab (1 oral presentation at a pretty big conference)
Clinical volunteering: 140 hours. Volunteer in the Pediatric Medicine Medicine one summer, Volunteer coordinator next summer. Unfortunately, NO physician shadowing (yet). I didn't plan on applying in America until recently (shadowing isn't big in Canada). COVID screwed up plans I had this summer to gather those hours.
Non-clinical volunteering: 180 hours with local organizations. Activities such as tree-planting, soup kitchen, fundraising for families impacted by COVID.
Employment: Bunch of jobs (food service worker, academic tutor, admissions at amusement park) All worked for at least 4+ months straight.
Extracurricular activities: VP of 2 school clubs, co-founded a club for peer-to-peer support for mental health

Without strong clinical volunteering and doctor shadowing experience, is it worth applying this year? Thank you!
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Jun 17, 2019
I'd say go for it! Shadowing in Canada is hard to come by, you're unlikely to get some by next year (or even in the next two years). Otherwise you have a strong app. Furthermore, if you look at MSAR you'll see most med schools have about 10-20% of the class entering without shadowing listed on their application at all (premedical experiences section).
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