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Oct 14, 2011
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Hi everyone,

I needed some advice so I figured I would come ask the community here! I am a current sophomore student( will be a junior starting this fall)who is debating whether to study for MCAT and take in Spring in order to apply for the next cycle, or if I should wait even longer and take it in the summer to apply for the following year... Below are my stats/extracurriculars...x

GPA: 4.0 (currently at a T20 in California) all pre-reqs done except physics 2nd semester

  1. Medical Scribe-200 hours
  2. 3 Research Papers Published- 400 hours
  3. Shadowing- 100 hours
  4. Volunteering at Local Hospital- 100 hours
  5. Started a tutoring service (free) for economically disadvantaged students- 300 hours
  6. Various Clubs/ Leadership Positions etc
Should I apply for medical school with all this, or should I wait and bulk up my resume even more? I am concerned that I will be young at the time of application (20) and they will think I am not ready for medical school. I also am not sure if I have enough Co-curriculars to be able to apply. I want to aim for a T20 school, but I understand it is difficult.

Please let me know what you guys think! Any advice is helpful. Thanks for all the help as always...
You definitely have accomplished a lot, but I don't see anything that convinces me you have truly immersed yourself in the concerns of those most vulnerable who do not share your background or privilege of being at a top university or eventually a top medical school if it goes that way. As described, things kinda scream "naïve" as I have no insight into how you handle working with others in demonstrating servant leadership or collaboration, nor is there anything truly apparent about your resilience or insight about the challenges of working in health care for decades.
@Mr.Smile12 Thanks for the reply. What do you then recommend? I guess I left some other things out but for more context, I volunteer at various other organizations actively like food banks, a local organization that sends money to villages in Pakistan every year, and I work with local community college students in providing free tutoring for those that can not afford it. I understand that I am privileged in many ways, so I try to give back as much as I can, wherever I can, but perhaps it does not come across that way?
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