Optometry Should I apply to optometry school closer to the deadlines?

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Oct 14, 2011
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    I know optometry school applications open soon this month. My question is, is applying later/closer to the deadline of when applications are due hurt your chances of getting into optometry school? How long is a safe time to wait?

    I need to do more volunteering and shadowing before I apply this year for the 2021 Fall semester. I need to take my OAT still too. I am currently a senior when Fall semester starts in 2020. My grades and GPA are good. But it's just my volunteer hours and shadowing hours I need to increase a bit. I was thinking, if I get everything done in time and a good score on my OAT, I can apply and submit by early-mid January. Before any application cycles close for the schools I want to apply for.

    Thank you.
    The process is rolling admissions, so the later (by months) you wait, the smaller the available number of seats will be available for you and the higher likelihood you will be waitlisted (for interview or afterwards). It's always better and more competitive to have a complete application that is well prepared, but earlier enhances your chances.
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      There's a balance. You don't wanna wait so late that your chances are decreased because there are fewer seats, but you want to make sure you have a complete application. Applying the first day with a crap application will be less valuable as an application submitted later but is complete.
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