Medical Should I be concerned about future coursework at a community college?

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I'm a recent university graduate and applying this cycle (2021-2022), however, I still have one pre-req and have decided to take that at a community college nearby in the fall (also due to financial reasons). However, I am having some concerns about my application regarding this future course. To add this future course, I need to enter the new institution I plan on taking it at on AMCAS. The problem is I will not have my transcript for this course until late December 2021 (well past the submission date). There is an option on AMCAS that states to have a transcript exemption request from an institution with one of the reasons being a future course. I am just concerned if there would be any delays on my primary application if I decide to decline to send the transcript for the future course from that college. Below is an attached screenshot just to help visualize my messy wording. To add, how would I send the transcript for that future course in the fall after I already have submitted my primary application around June (next month)? Thank you for your help.
Just enter the new institution. People understand that sometimes you do pre-reqs at a CC for financial reasons. If the rest of your app is strong, nobody will care.

It probably would be a problem to have that pre-req not show up anywhere at all on your app.

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