Medical Should I be worried if my personal statement is too broad?

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Oct 27, 2013
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I wrote a draft of my PS and I was comparing with others and I feel like mine is too broad.
I cover my life story and what has brought me to this point throughout the severe disadvantages but I give no specific example of volunteering experience where I met John Doe and he said something lit a light bulb in my head and showed me the true meaning of compassion.

It's more straightforward underdog story with a poor childhood, setbacks, volunteering, how volunteering led to medical interest, medical volunteering, shadowing (again, didn't talk about a specific case I witnessed or anything) and then how I wish to overcome odds etc. I just didn't have any space to fit in specific experiences that I would include in the 15 slots. I wanted to focus on my gradually increasing interest in medicine and science. Any thoughts on this?

What you describe sounds better than what you state you're comparing it to. A story is 100% better than random examples if the story itself is in example on it's own.

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