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Jul 12, 2001
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Okay, well my application was actually submitted about 2 months ago, but I just got my transcripts to them about a month ago. I've heard from Case Western, Tulane, and NYMC. I HAVE NOT heard from SLU, Penn State, Wake Forest, Albany, Chicago-Pritzer, Mayo, Baylor, or Georgetown whille others are already getting interviews at some of these places. Should I call AMCAS to see what's going on??? PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks in advance...


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Jul 22, 2002
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I went through the same thing a little over a month ago - I got my AMCAS done by the first of July, by my transcripts didn't all arrive until the 17th of July. It took until about the 17th of August for my app to be verified. It seemed that those who had all their stuff in on or before July 1 were processed very quickly, but that a backup has been forming since. In the mean time I did get some secondaries. I bet you're just in a long line to get verified.
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