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Jun 27, 2017
So I was just wondering what everyone thinks I should do? I am currently a pre-Med student with hopes of getting into Medical School. I am a URM(Hispanic)

My freshmen year I received a 2.65 average GPA, this was due to the fact that I was a first gen, and my
Mom passed away during second semester and I was away from school for around 10 days. After that year I transferred closer to home

Sophomore year I received a 3.74 first semester and 3.3 second.

I am currently entering my junior year. I will also be taking an extra year due to having to retake a Chem class and Bio class which put me behind a year.

I am currently a CNA at my local hospital (20h/week) and I volunteer every Saturday at the hospital too.

So what should I do? And how should I finish off these next 3 years. Any advice would be helpful.

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Sep 4, 2012
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Continue what you are doing. Those are some special circumstances that you had to go through during your first year and your second year is much better. Medical schools will see this. The fact that you have to retake those courses is actually a good thing but you have to make sure you get an A in those basic sciences so that medical schools will see your strong foundation. Also, make sure you kill the MCAT as a good score can offset the GPA. Of course, focus on your school and MCAT, but also try to find one or two other activities, preferably patient care; your CNA is a great thing for that. Try to volunteer for the community too. If you find the time to give back through very difficult times, schools will love you even more.

You are only half way into your school. Keep going and getting the GPA youve been getting. You will have a chance, if not for MD, then for DO for sure.
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Sep 7, 2017
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I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

Take solace in the fact that you have been persistent and have shown an upward trend in your grades thus far. Continue to put in the effort, you are on the right track.

Before you know it you'll be matriculating into a Medical School.
Aug 27, 2016
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Hi. Im a pre med student currently in CC getting my associates degree in Biology and will apply to a four year university after. My first/ second year grades were very low, 2.84 and im starting my third year this fall. My second year actually i took winter off and only took five credit classes for each quarter mostly so didnt cover much thats why im in my third year. From what i have read, med school looks for really great grades and scores, i need advice as to do i have even a little bit chance of getting into a med school or I should probably start considering other options. For clinical side, i have been a CNA for one and half year now at a nursing home and will start volunteering at a hospital this fall too.
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