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Jan 16, 2004
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Does it look bad to take 3 classes? I took 2 classes for grade and 1 class (independent study class) for p/np last quarter and I'm planning to do this again this quarter. Right now I am doing 2 researches and its taking about 20+ hrs a week so its difficult for me to take 3 classes for grade, 1 class for p/np and manage to get A's in those 3 classes. I'm concerned that if I drop one of the classes and when I apply next year, admissions ppl might think I slacked off or something. Would it be better to take 2 classes for grade and 1 for p/np and get A's or take the risk of getting a B and take 3 classes for grade and 1 for p/np?


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Apr 16, 2004
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I'm not sure why this is in the pre-MSTP forum. Are you talking about taking classes in your final year of college? Have you already applied to med schools/MSTPs? Were you accepted?

If so, then feel free to drop whatever you want, the programs will not care as long as you fulifill the requirements for your major and the med school.
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