Should I even bother applying because of one bad grade?

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Mar 29, 2022
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PharmCAS will automatically report grade discrepancies on your application to designated schools that have calculus as a pre-requisite. Only a handful of programs do not utilize PharmCAS and you'd have to reach out to see what they would say. Most programs have a pre-transcript application that you can submit and see what input they would give you (such as - if you'd make it past the screening for their program or not). It should be available on their site (if not, send an email to admin and they can send one to you). It'd be wise to use the pre-transcript application to also make sure your courses from Canada can transfer over to the U.S.

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I won't reiterate staying away from pharmacy, but I would also add that being 25 is nothing. Working a year, getting experience, considering a masters and excelling, are viable options if you so wish to pursue other avenues and not just focusing on pharmacy (or better yet, spending time working in a pharmacy while preparing your application - get PTCB, get compounding certifications, get involved in tech work, so on and so forth).

Plenty of students in my cohort (myself included) that started pharmacy beyond the age of 25. Just be sure you understand not to conflate "desire" and "no other option" as reasons for pharmacy.
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You would have to match a course to the pre-req because your submitted transcripts have to 100% reflect what is in your application (or else PharmCAS will kick it back to you and tell you to make any corrections). As for telling the programs that you plan on retaking the course, that'd depend highly on what your overall application looks like and if they're willing to grant you an interview (if no other red flags with calc being the only contingency).

Some require course completion prior to summer, some require it just before matriculation after summer. You'd have to see what the rules are for each program. This would be a great reason to submit a pre-transcript application and letting someone know you plan on taking calculus for a third time.
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