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Oct 12, 2005
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Ok, so there's less than 3 weeks until my committee and rec letters go out, and the advisors are writing the letters as of now. So far, I have my bases covered for LORs (3 sci. faculty, 1 engineering research supervisor, 1 humanities faculty, and soon 1 clinical LOR). At my current research inernship, I've busted my arse on my work, and as a result, have pulled my weight significantly on my research team. I'm sure that my supervisor could write me an excellent LOR. Since my internship ends around the first week of August, I would probably get the LOR in the very last few days of July.

Should I even bother getting another LOR? Though I have six, I only have one research LOR, and that is nowhere related to medicine. This LOR would be more relevant, because it involves research in the physical sciences (organic synthesis). The letter will probably not factor into the committee letter, and I'll have to tag it along with my packet. Plus, our team is a little tired and stressed out (private research is tough), so I don't know whether it's honestly worth it.

Comments welcome, but please, no "gunner" remarks or "you're too paranoid" comments.


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Apr 30, 2006
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six is more then enough already. do not get another one. It would have been nice if you actually got one outside of science from a humanities prof, but regardless, you have plenty already. Sometimes less is more.

My opinion: I would say no
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