should i fax my score to schools...


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Jul 18, 2009
addsas said my application will be mail soon, so i was wondering should i fax in my scores to each school after they mailed it. i hear it will take 4 weeks for the official score to be mailed from ADA, true?

ALSO will it be rude to fax in the score without asking them?

or should i contact them first and let them know that i will be fax in my scores.

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Jun 23, 2009
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this might be a stupid question, but seeing as i've never taken the DAT before, do we get an unofficial printed copy of our score after the exam? and if so, is this the copy these schools want faxed over (i mean the schools that asked for a fax)? thanks.

YES to both questions. when you take your test you get your report, which you can fax to schools if they allow you too. but before you fax it over, email or call to make sure they will take it. and in doing so, this helps them recognize your name when you send in your applicaiton :D
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