Medical Should I include my SAT score in my AMCAS application since I have no MCAT?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I am a student applying to medical school this coming cycle. Due to COVID, my MCAT was cancelled. Consequently, I will be applying without a score, and I do not know when I might be able to take the exam (I will try to register for the soonest exam once registration opens in a couple days). The last time I took a standardized test was when I took the SAT in high school (I scored in the 99+ percentile). I noticed the option to include "other tests" on the AMCAS, which caused me to wonder if there might be any benefit in listing my SAT score. I recognize that admissions committees probably glean very little from SAT results. However, "very little" is still more than the "nothing" they will glean from my nonexistent MCAT score. Please advise as to what you recommend. I really appreciate your taking the time to provide me with guidance. Thank you!
You're going to have too contact the schools on your list about what they expect their screening procedure will be in the absence of an MCAT score for applicants in a similar position to yours. Some schools will try to screen holistically without scores but any offer would be contingent on a satisfactory MCAT taken later in the cycle. Others are going to hold until they see a score. Your intuition is correct in thinking the SAT or ACT will carry no weight.
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