Medical Should I P/F a prereq Bio course?

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Sep 30, 2008
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I currently received my semester grades back, and I got a C in Bio. I wanted to know if it would be better to change the grade from letter to P so that it would not mess with my GPA. Seeing that most medical school are allowing P/F for prerequisites because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The only other issue is that this course is a requirement for my major and I wouldn't get credit for the course if I P/F it and not take the letter grade.

My question is, should I take the letter grade or change to P/F. I am not sure if this matters but I am looking to attend an HBCU medical school and I am an incoming sophomore

Thank you for help! I truly appreciate it.
Long story short, no I don’t think you should change to P/F. Not because it would look bad on your Med school app, but because it sounds like you would need to retake the course for your major. Objectively, sure, a C is going to hurt your GPA, but it isn’t worth the hundreds of hours it would take to retake the course. Plus if you do that and get anything other than an A it would be a complete waste of time.

Most importantly; you need to figure out what went wrong here and fix it going forward. The courses are surely only going to get harder.

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