Medical Should I P/F Gen Chem 2?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hello, I am a premed. My deadline for P/F is due today at midnight so I need guidance. In Gen Chem 2, we had to do online labs through coding. This made labs take up to 4 hours. When I was taking my second exam, my printer broke down, which costed me 15 min of exam time. My parents also have COVID-19. Even though I did well on the final, I expect to get a B- in the course. My cGPA currently would be a 3.42 without the course and potentially 3.31 with it. All my current courses are prereqs, (Cell Bio, Writing Seminar, and Bio Lab) which are a B+, B+, and A-, respectively.
Tough call. For sure, I would take the Pass if I were certain to get a C.

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