Jan 8, 2014
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Im currently applying to anesthesiology residency programs for the 2013/14 cycle. I took my STEP 2 in December and just received my score of 228, which was better than my STEP1 score of 218, but alot less than what I was hoping for and thought I could achieve. Im 3rd quartile, have some research, good ECs, and top30 US MD school.

Based solely on my step 1, Ive received some interviews, but Ive applied broadly. I would consider all the programs that I have had a chance to interview at as good programs that I would be fortunate to match in, but I dont think they are considered ultra competitive/top notch/powerhouse programs. Im not looking for those types of programs, but rather programs that provide good clinical training, have friendly and good faculty/staff, and are in a good location, which for me would be CA, FL, and TX as I have strong ties to those states. Unfortunately, as of now, I have received very few interviews from programs in those states. Given my STEP 2 score, should I release it in the hopes of getting more interviews (possibly from those states)? Would it help or could it hurt me for the programs that I interviewed at so far? Thanks for the help/feedback.


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Feb 10, 2013
I feel releasing your score could only probably help you. But I think most CA programs are done giving out their interviews. but perhaps in FL and TX you might be able to get a couple if you inquire after you release?


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Jul 11, 2008
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