Mar 7, 2015
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Upon graduation from residency I received a beautiful certificate of completion, but when I read the text I discovered a typo. I pointed it out to the GME coordinator during checkout on my last day, and she agreed that a corrected certificate should be made and sent to my new address. It took a couple of months because it had to get all of the required signatures on it, but I have finally received my new certificate.

However, it arrived damaged in the mail. It was folded in half and stuffed in my mailbox, and even before it arrived, the post office had put a sticker on the envelope indicating that they received a damaged envelope (because part of it was torn). The certificate is intact, but there are a couple of large prominent creases in it.

I'm thinking of requesting another replacement from my residency program, and asking them to either put it in a more protective form of packaging, or at least put a label on the envelope with something like "Do Not Bend". Am I obsessing over this too much? I don't want to create more work for everyone involved, but I also feel like I'm entitled to receiving a certificate that would be suitable for displaying in a frame.


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Oct 22, 2013
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I feel ya. Give it some time so you're not harrassing everyone right after they went to this much trouble to get this to you.

If it matters that much, send them a self addressed stamped envelope type thing, meaning send them something that will definitely make this to you safely and without further troubling them in trying to find an appropriate vehicle for getting this to you. You could find out what are the options to having this sent somewhere you know getting crushed in your mailbox won't happen, like if the Post Office will hold it, your place of work's office, or FedEx to your keasing office, you know, get creative. Just that if you're going to trouble them for another make it easy for things to go right this time.
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Dec 22, 2006
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Let it go. It still functions as an official document, creases and all. I'm sure with a high-resolution photocopy and a little time on photoshop you could make the crease disappear if you are intent on having it "on display".

If you're going to iron it, make sure you put a towel on top of it, and then iron the towel. Sometimes it helps to slightly dampen the towel, so the steam works on the crease in addition to heat. This could be higher risk, however, because you don't know how the ink is going to react to the heat either. Would definitely photocopy it first!


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Sep 6, 2008
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I think this all depends on your relationship with your PC.

I'd have no problem calling my PC and saying that the certificate was all jacked up and I need a new one. She'd get me another one and probably call fedex or UPS or whoever herself to complain about the damage to the last one.
Yep. I'd do it in a heartbeat for one of my residents. We want them to proudly display that they graduated from our program, and part of that is having an nicely-framed diploma. It's really not that much of a hassle to get signatures.
Mar 7, 2015
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I appreciate everyone's responses. I will see what I can do about minimizing the creases and see how it looks in a frame. If it still looks bad, I may consider asking my program for a new one, but if not, at least I still have the original certificate with the typo which is in otherwise perfect condition.