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Apr 29, 2012
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So I'm graduating this July with a BS in biology from a private liberal arts college. My overall GPA is not great (3.56), and my BCPM is even worse (3.45). My junior year, I got a C in gen physics 1, so I was wondering if it would be worth it to retake it over the summer at another school to get an A? It would bring my bcpm up to a 3.56, which seems nice, but from anyone's experience, would it be wiser for me to just focus on doing well on the physical sciences portion of the MCAT (which I will be studying for over the next month and a half)?

Doing some searching on these forums, I'm really starting to worry about how my below average bcpm will affect my chances, even if I get a 30-33 on the MCAT. My ECs are not stellar--I have done all the "prerequisites" for applying to medical schools including a year of research at my college (no publications), writing tutor for a year, volunteered at a food pantry and set up a food drive for them through my church, and 100 hours volunteering in the ER last summer. My overall GPA is slightly below average for a lot of state schools on the east coast, but the B+s, Bs and couple Cs (1 C minus) in some biology and physics classes have brought my bcpm well below average. So again, I would appreciate any advice, experiences, etc. to help me decide my best option moving forward. Thanks
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