Medical Should I send this "insignificant" update if it fills a hole in my app?

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Mar 12, 2013
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Hi all, I have a two things really working against me this cycle - submitting some secondary applications late in the cycle and severely lacking in clinical volunteer hours. The rest of my application is pretty strong. I have recently joined the volunteer team with a free mobile clinic that serves uninsured individuals in rural areas near my university. They've halted their services due to COVID and the holidays but will resume after the new year. So even though I haven't accrued any volunteer hours with them yet, I can soon and plan to work with them regularly all semester. I'm getting a little antsy because I only have one II so far and 7 more schools to hear from. I know that January and February are usually the last months that IIs are extended, and I feel like these schools might be sitting on my app due to my lack of clinical volunteering. Should I send an update about this volunteer position soon along with a brief grades and activities update? Should I wait until I've started volunteering with them? Appreciate any advice. Thanks!
You reporting anticipated hours will do nothing. Unless you have started volunteering and have racked up some hours, I would say it probably isn't worth the update.

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