Should I start studying for the MCAT again...

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Dec 10, 2008
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I am currently applying to 16 DO schools...
I applied late... verified 12/01/09...finished 8 of 16 secondaries... still working on the rest, but planning on completing all...
However... I have low stats.. 3.31 sGPA and 3.5cGPA, 24O MCAT (9BS/8VR/7PS)
I do have pretty good ECs...
Collegiate athlete... (2 time academic all american)
Sorority member (executive board)
Volunteer - hospice
Worked as pharmacy tech
undergraduate TA in anatomy

I am currently in a one year masters program that I will finish in May...

I am thinking it would be dumb not to start studying to retake the MCAT in May... as this is an obvious weak point in my application.
Obviously I want to start now because I will have to juggle my school schedule as well... is this a waste of money to sign-up already for the MCAT?

What do you guys think?

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I think that you have a good shot at getting into one of the 16 DO schools that you are applying to based on your stats.

Since you're busy with school, only study and take the test if you have the time to do much better on this test, otherwise it's not worth it cause you can easily get into a DO school if you apply early.
you'll be good for DO schools, and if you don't get in this cycle, it will be because you applied too late and should have no problems next time around. But if you could break 30, you would also be competitive for MD programs (if you are interested in that).