Should I submit grades to AMCAS by June 1st or wait a month?


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Apr 29, 2008
all my grades are in for this semester and i pulled a 4.0 :D. that leaves me with 3.60 cumulative and 3.56 science. i can go ahead and submit that OR wait another month till my few summer classes finish. they are very easy classes and i can pretty much expect all As in them. these would increase my gpas to 3.63 and 3.58 science. is that bump worth the wait?

should i wait a month (till the end very end of June) for these grades?

my school's committee doesn't write the premed commitee till end of july, so my secondaries won't be complete by end of july/early august at earliest anyway.

or should i just submit my current grades and AMCAS for June 1st?
i can send my new grades to schools later but i'm not convinced schools actually factor in new grades into your gpa on file.

also, another thing to consider is i have to retake the MCAT july 10th. i got 26R (8, 10, 8) so obviously that score is garbage. i didn't get much time to study the first time since i took it during the semester taking 21 hours, but this summer my summer schedule is light and will have plenty of time. i'll just mark the little bubble on the AMCAS form saying i am retaking it. that way i can at least receive my secondaries and get those filled out ahead of time. i know some schools screen, so i'm a lil worried about that. i heard most don't screen tho, except for Wake Forest. i want to apply to Wake so i haven't decided how i'll handle that yet. thanks guys!