Should I submit my application or wait?

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Nov 8, 2017
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Hey guys I was just wanting to hear opinions on what I should do. The situation is that I've answered all of the supplemental questions on pharmcas as well as the Pharmacy schools separate questions and I am ready to submit my application. The problem is that my Fall 2017 grades have not been verified yet, so it is not calculated into my pharmcas GPA currently. I did extremely well this past semester, so I want to have the grades calculated in their as well. So my question is should I submit the application anyways hoping that the pharmacy school knows that my Fall 17 grades aren't calculated in their as well? My GPA currently in pharmcas is at a 2.95, but with the Fall 17 grades would bump it up to 3.11. So that's why I'm not sure what I should do because I don't want the pharmacy schools to judge my grades too quickly and turn me down before seeing my Fall 17 grades. Or do you think I should just turn it in anyways? I have contacted pharmcas and they said it might take another week or so. I have also contacted the director of admissions and she said that the earlier I apply the better. But I didn't tell her about my grades.... So any opinions on this would be helpful! Thank you!

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Submit it. They will notice that your Fall 2017 update is not in yet.
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Submit it. Remember: you're not the only one in that situation.
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