Should I take another post-bacc semester or focus on the MCAT?

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Jun 17, 2023
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I graduated with a 3.3 cGPA so I decided to do a post-bacc. I'm currently in my 3rd semester and doing pretty well so far. If everything goes well, I'll finish with a 4.0 post-bacc GPA in 33 units. I was hoping to have at least 30 upper-div bio units in the post bacc since that seems to be what most schools recommend for post-bacc work to be considered your application. Right now, I have 30 upper-div bio units (the other 3 are an upper-div psych class).

The thing is, one of those bio classes (4 units) might not count as BCPM. The class was offered by the bio department but it was a global health class so not technically biology. I'm gonna try and classify it as a BCPM class but I'm just worried I it'll be switched to non-BCPM which would put me at 26 BCPM units and 7 non-BCPM units.

I need advice on whether I should do one more semester with 6 more bio units to guarantee at least 30 BCPM units in the post-bacc? I'm going to start studying for the MCAT in August and would prefer to just focus on that. But I can try to do both MCAT prep and the bio classes if I really need to.

For what it's worth, the school I'm taking the classes it isn't particularly difficult so I'm not too worried about not being able to do well in the classes if I have to focus most of my time on the MCAT.

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