Should I take AP Pysch Junior Year or Senior Year



This year I had all A's, 1 B, and 1 C or D. The C or D comes in my honors history class where like the idiot I am waived into it, bad decision on my part. Also the other honor class I took was in Math this year and got an A without too much difficulty. Next Year my science teacher recommended me for honors chem actually. Next Year schedule consists of Honors Pre Calc, Honors Chem, and AP Pysch for junior year. Should I take AP Pysch or not???

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AP Psych is like most AP courses, a lot of busy work and some theory, but generally the concepts are not difficult to grasp and as long as you approach it with some critical thinking and analysis you'll do fine. That being said, if you find social sciences boring or dislike it then you may want to avoid it as it is a class that is very conceptual and integrates a lot of basic principles and require it's application. That being said it's more scientific than history or other social science courses, and it is more individual histories that statistically contribute to certain phenomena occurring.

Tl;DR : Theories build up on each other, concepts are easy, be ready to apply the material. It shouldn't make or break any semester, so taking it your junior year probably won't kill you. However as I said, if you generally dislike social sciences then you might want to put it off till senior year to save your gpa.
Serenade is right: Generally it is a lot of busy work and some theory. But don't be worried about the test; it's really easy. I didn't take the course, but I studied a couple weeks before the test and got a 4. So you can definitely do it.
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I made the decision to take it senior year. Next Year my goal is to flirt near a 4.0 as close as possible, then take it senior year with full confidence. Also I hope to take AP CALC or AP in a SCIENCE senior year, wish me luck guys.
Highly recommend you take AP Chem and AP Bio and at least Honors Calc 1 in high school. It will make freshman year 100X easier.
Take AP Psychology Junior year. It's a lot of work, but tons of interesting information. In my school the AP Psychology students do fun experiments. I also agree with Serenade, take at least an AP science such as Biology or Chemistry.
Ask other students how hard the class is, it will depend on your teacher very significantly. The AP exam for Psych is a joke, I got a 5 using a $20 review book that I read through once the week before the exam, and there are plenty of similar stories.
I took AP Psych during my senior year of HS and it wasn't too bad. Had about 8-10 50 question multiple-choice exams throughout the year. Also had some writing assignments due (2-3 5pg essays) and various homework assignments. The last few weeks of the class was dedicated to studying for the AP Exam. Overall it was a very interesting class and highly recommended.