Medical Should I take online classes during summer overseas internship?

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Mar 12, 2013
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Senior here who just got offered a great paid internship opportunity in medical device engineering (stent designing development) for this summer with potential for a full-time offer. I would love to go on to medical school in the US sometime in the future as my #1 plan, but I recognize that it is very competitive (especially with my grades) and would like to have a backup-plan.

counting poor dual enrollment performance, I currently have a cgpa of 3.17 and sgpa of 3.1 (excellent trend however, last three semesters have averaged 3.79), but would like to raise it in the summer by taking maybe 6 online non-preq science credits over the summer at an online American post-bacc program. As my internship is to be in Europe, would adcoms be more forgiving towards taking online classes (in the case that most people end up taking classes in person this summer)?

thank you and sorry for the long post! just wanted to give some context the question.
You Will need at least a year of courses that are medical school level to show med schools you can succeed in medical school. Maybe you will have to wait till after your internship. Medical schools aren’t going away. Take your time.
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