Should I take the MCAT this summer or next?

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Aug 23, 2013
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I'm currently a junior, senior in the fall, and I haven't taken my MCAT yet. I was wondering if I should take it this summer and apply in the fall for medical schools or if I should take it next summer and take a year off.
I haven't taken Orgo II or BioChem, so thats what worries me most. Thanks

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Do NOT apply in the fall. Go with the year off and take it next summer. :)
If you're that chill about a gap year, then take one. If you continue to be involved, it is only beneficial to your application!
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why? I'd say apply! By Fall, I hope you meat August verification at the latest.

Fall to me = September or later, which is why I said to wait. But if they get verified in August then yeah, I don't see a problem. :)
If you haven't taken orgo II or biochem yet and you haven't started studying yet I would postpone and take your MCAT in the fall
You only want to take the MCAT once. Do not take it before you're ready.
1) The new MCAT has a hell of a lot more biochem on it than the previous one and this biochem is not something you learn in introductory biology classes. Self-study would be difficult and why do even that given the other factors below?

2) As the poster above just said, you don't want to take the MCAT again. You want to take it when you're at your best and that's definitely not the case when you haven't taken biochem, which makes up about a quarter of the new exam.

3) You want to have your app submitted and verified by July so that you can get your secondaries done and have interviews lined up early. Many schools do rolling admissions and it is to your advantage to get your AMCAS submitted by late June, verified in July. Applying in the fall is like shooting yourself in the foot. Also, if you're applying after senior year, I would advise taking the MCAT in January of that year or May at the latest. If you take it in May, you can still submit your AMCAS but you won't know your MCAT scores before you apply, which is scary for some people.