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Mar 12, 2013
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I got accepted into Stony Brook (instate) for undergrad as an incoming 3rd year transfer from my private school. But, at my private school I am in 4 eboard positions, one in a pre-dental club and one for a club I am making on campus. Would it be a good idea to drop all the positions and just go into stony brook fresh? If i stay in the private school the difference would be around 7-8k more than if i went to Stony brook I think. I only have a year and half left because I came in with extra credits. Also, I want to go to dental school at Stony Brook (which I know is hard to get into)- would going to undergrad there give me a one up?

Also, I know I've asked this before but I just got accepted. The deposit is due next week and I can't seem to make a decision. Please help!
The difference would be 7-8k total? If this is the case, I wouldn't look at this decision as a financial one. 8k in the grand scheme of things is nothing. I am not sure about Stony Brook specifically, but going to an undergrad helps sometimes because of connections that can be made. If you are dead set on Stony Brook, it COULD help a little being an alumnus, but I wouldn't go there PURELY for that reason. You can ask Stony Brook admissions and see if they give preference to alumni and that can help with your decision.


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Why do you want to transfer to SB?

On the surface, not wanting to transfer because you're involved in clubs doesn't sound wise.

In terms of ECs, always best to get off campus and out of your comfort zone.


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Ultimately, I think this is a decision that needs to be made for yourself. What will make you happier? What are your priorities? I think you can find other clubs to join and find ways to get clinical experience and volunteer experience at a new college, and if transferring to Stony Brook is right for you and you do well academically, it should not hurt your chances of getting into dental school. There is no right answer.
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