Medical Should I try to defer my acceptance vs reapply?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hello. I was accepted to a school that is ideally not is not a place my family would like to be in during the pandemic. I really really want to be accepted to another school but is currently waitlisted in it at the moment. I was thinking of deferring the school to see if they can let me attend their other campus close to family but want to reapply to see if I can get into that desire school for Fall 2021. Is it wrong to defer but still reapply to the other school? What should I do?
Depends on the deferment policy of the school that accepted you and conditions if you get deferred. Many schools are trying to be properly flexible, but they will likely slap a commitment condition that you not apply to other schools if you accept the deferment. Now, I don't know or think that would be enforceable, but as someone in admissions, that can happen. Living on the honor system to answer your question, it's wrong if you reapply next cycle if you agree to the commitment language.

The alternative is NO deferments; you take the spot or you are left to completely reapply next year from scratch with a black mark against you with the school you dropped from.

There's no guarantee that your deferment request will be granted, especially if you put down a "commit to enroll" in AMCAS CYMS.

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I think it will be a huge disadvantage to reapply to medical school. My advice is to take the medical school acceptance you have and figure out a way to make life better for your family. If it's just due to the pandemic, try having your family live in the suburbs and commuting to school, for example. But if you don't go, you're just delaying your graduation for another year, deferring your income for another year, and definitely putting yourself at a disadvantage for your next application cycle. Plus, you'll have to pay for applications again.
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