Medical Should I update my application if there's a change in my activity?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I am applying to medical school this cycle and I am also still a senior in undergrad. This semester I was a Finance TA on Friday mornings. On the primary AAMC application, I mentioned this in the text of my activity describing my previous Biology TA work but it wasn’t its own activity. Otherwise, it hasn't really come up besides speaking very briefly on it at a previous interview. At this point, I have attended 2 interviews and have 6 scheduled.

Unfortunately, due to having so many medical school interviews on Fridays, the Finance 302 professor has decided it would be better to just have the rest of my recitations covered by another TA. This was a very amicable decision and split.

I am curious if you think I need to update schools that I will no longer be continuing with this activity as my application is ongoing? My first thought is that I do not unless they ask about it because it wasn’t a main activity (one of the 15 on primary), but I wanted to get your opinion.

Thank you very much!
I suppose in your interviews it's worth being prepared to just let them know. at each of your interviews. In my opinion, the impact on the consideration of your file is negligible to non-existent.

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Thank you! But you don't think it is worth sending an electronic update to each school? I also felt it was not so important but I have received other advice that I should update anyways.

It depends on the medical school and how they handle emails from applicants. They can get a lot, especially during interview time. Sometimes the messages just get lost based on volume. Others will slip it into your file, but it's not easy to put the update in a place where I think admissions committee faculty will really notice. Admissions staff cannot alter your application after you submit it. In other words, it probably won't hurt, but don't expect it to be noticed that much. In my experience, mentioning it during your interview day and making sure the update is noted in your interview if given the opportunity is more effective to communicate the update.
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