Should I wait for summer grades?

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Mar 14, 2019
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I'm currently at a 3.55 cGPA and 3.48 sGPA, and I'm taking 12 credits of summer courses in the first session, which would push me up to a 3.59 cGPA and 3.55 sGPA if all goes well. The only problem is the courses end June 29th, which means I'd be submitting AMCAS in the first week of July - is it worth it to wait so long and potentially not be verified until late July/early August for the small(ish) GPA boost?

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Just one opinion but I would not. A 3.55/3.48 split is not going to close doors on you outside of uber competitive places and even then they'll probably still send you a secondary.

The most important part about your science GPA is that it is approximately the same as your cumulative GPA. That says two people that you can do the work of a science curriculum.

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Thanks for the input! When you say uber competitive places, are you referring to the likes of Harvard and JHU? Or top 20s?